How To Be an ESL Teacher with Skyeng: a helpful guide!

How To Be an ESL Teacher with Skyeng
ESL Teacher Giving Online Classes

Being an online teacher is not an easy task because of various requirements. I have been attached to this field for years and have the right amount of experience to guide people. Skyeng is one of the institutes I would like you to know about.

If you want to become an ESL teacher at this online school, you must prepare yourself accordingly. Fortunately, you don’t have to search a lot for relevant information. 

Here is the complete guide on how to be an ESL teacher with Skyeng.

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Prerequisites For Teaching ESL With Skyeng

Skyeng is a well-known online institute in Eastern Europe that helps people learn and improve their English. You will have the flexibility to choose your own class time by using the available slots. However, there are some requirements you must meet to qualify for the job.

All teachers must be fluent in speaking and teaching English. You must know the correct grammar usage, spelling, and other things. An ESL certification is also necessary to become a teacher with Skyeng. You may get a:

The school also prefers to hire teachers with some experience in teaching ESL. However, you may also get the job as a beginner if you show that you’re qualified for the position.

Do You Need a Bachelor’s Degree to Be an ESL Teacher with Skyeng?

I have met many people with an enthusiasm to work at Skyeng. A common question that most applicants have is whether they should have a bachelor’s degree or not. This is because you may have heard that Skyeng requires you to have this degree.

However, that is not completely true. The company does not state that you must have this degree to qualify for the job. Having a degree will improve your chances of getting the position, but it is not necessary.

So, you shouldn’t be discouraged from applying for the job if you don’t have a bachelor’s degree.

How To Be an ESL Teacher With Skyeng: a step by step guide

You can apply for online teaching at Skyeng using these four steps:

1- Apply Online

Submitting your application is necessary to qualify for an interview with the institute.

You don’t have to worry about a long form; you only have to provide your complete name, email address, and working contact number.

2- Record A Video

Once the company has received your application, you will get a link to your email for an impromptu interview. You will have to create a video answering the general questions. These include your background information, experience, teaching methods, and more.

You must send this video to Skyeng through your email and wait for at least three days to get a reply.

If the company likes the video, they will schedule a Skype interview to see if you’re a qualifying applicant.

3- Skype Interview

The Skype interview is a 50 minutes process that has been divided into four parts. You must answer questions in the first stage and be confident.

The next stage involves the interviewer giving you information about Skyeng, such as salary figures and details of classes.

You will also be asked to conduct a demo class based on the material the interviewer gives to you. This will last for 15 to 20 minutes, so you must show your teaching skills to the best.

The final part of the interview includes passing a short grammar test.

4- Training

If you’re hired by the school, you will receive an answer three days after the interview. Then, you will have to participate in the mandatory group training session.

After that, a session only for you will also take place to help you adjust at Skyeng.

How To Be an ESL Teacher with Skyeng
Online ESL Teaching Learning Objectives Displayed On a Computer

What Are the Technological Requirements for Working at Skyeng?

The online school allows you to work remotely to teach English to various people. You must meet the technical requirements to work smoothly at the institute. These include:

1- Laptop or Compute

A laptop or computer is the top requirement for working at Skyeng because you cannot take online classes without them.

The company does not require you to get a specific model. You can also use a desktop monitor as long as it does not hinder the lessons.

2- Headset

You must have a high-quality headset to ensure your voice reaches the students clearly. Your position will be in jeopardy if you use a faulty mic to take the lessons. Students may complain about this issue to Skyeng.

You must have good headphones and a working microphone if you cannot afford a proper headset. The only requirement you must meet here is to deliver clear sound.

3- Webcam

This is another essential tech requirement because you will have to communicate with the students. So, your webcam must be good enough to show your face clearly. It should also allow you to display the content easily.

The type of webcam shouldn’t be a point of worry. It can be an internal one if you’re using a laptop. Meanwhile, old desktop monitors don’t have cameras. So, you must get an external device if you have such a computer for taking classes.

4- Internet

A high-quality internet connection is the final tech requirement for working for Skyeng. You must ensure your broadband’s upload speed is high so that you can easily publish the studying material for students. The download speed must also be high to receive queries.

Your internet’s upload and download speeds can be determined by your service provider. Another way to know this is by conducting a speed test using an online tool such as Ookla.

How Much Can You Earn at Skyeng?

As per the school, the average salary of its teachers is 40,000 rubles per month. This means the income is $663 per month in US currency. The company does not offer a breakdown to prospective teachers, but you don’t have to worry, as I will guide you.

The salary of an institute is as important as the working hours. You may not worry about the figure much if you’re doing the job as a hobby. However, the amount must be considered if you need the position for daily transactions.

Does Skyeng Give Bonuses?

The online school allows you to earn an extra amount if you reach a specific number of lessons. Teachers who take more than 100 classes every month will get a bonus. You will get 2,000 rubles for the extra effort. This is equivalent to $33 in US currency.

How Many Lessons You Must Take to Earn the Average Skyeng Salary?

The lessons vary depending on the type of speaker you are. Here is a breakdown to help you:

1- For Native Speakers

The working hours for native and non-native speakers vary at the institute. If you want to earn an average of $663 per month, you will have to take 15 lessons every week.

This means your average weekly working hours should be 12.5 hours.

2- For Non-Native Speakers

As a non-native speaker, your hourly salary will be lower than that of native speakers. You will have to work more hours to earn the same average figure. 

You must take about 30 lessons per week to get $663 per month. So, you will have to work for 25 hours every week to earn the average wage. 

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Final Words

This is your complete guide to how to be an ESL teacher with Skyeng. The Skype interview is the most important part. So, you must show your best skills to get the job easily.

ESL teaching with Skyeng is an excellent way to make an extra income or even gain some experience teaching online.


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