9 Best Countries For Teachers To Emigrate To (And countries where teachers are respected the most)

Best Countries For Teachers To Emigrate To

I have taught various students in online and in-person classes over the years. My job has also allowed me to travel due to my institute’s requirements, which is why I know that some countries are not meant for teachers.

Some countries may be well-developed, but their education priority may be lacking. Because of this, you must consider your options thoroughly when deciding to emigrate to a new place for teaching.

If you wish to go overseas and discover a position that pays well, you can enjoy many outstanding benefits. So here are the best countries for teachers to emigrate to.

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Best Countries For Teachers To Emigrate To

Here are a few features of a country the best place for teachers to emigrate:

  • Respect: some cultures tend to view the teacher differently than we may be used to. For example, China, Malaysia, and Taiwan are the top 3 countries that respect teachers the most (Source: National Education Association)
  • Salaries: salaries may depend on whether you are a licensed teacher, your education level, the type of school you work for, and the country you choose. For example, in China, international schools tend to offer higher salaries.
  • Labor conditions: I suggest you carefully read your contract before signing it. Every country offers different requirements and labor conditions. Another factor to remember is the class size and number of students. 
  • Education system: I encourage you to research the country’s education system before emigrating. 

Here are the 9 best countries for teachers to emigrate to:

1- United Arab Emirates

UAE is an excellent place for teaching because of the high salaries and good working environment. You can work at a national or regional level to enjoy various benefits such as good pay, better healthcare facilities, and excellent housing options. The availability of teaching jobs is also relatively high in this country.

For the UAE Government Schools program, English teachers must possess a teaching license or CELTA and two years of classroom experience. Teachers frequently receive housing assistance, round-trip airfare, health insurance, and a tax-free salary. 

Most of the highest-paying teaching positions overseas are in Middle Eastern nations like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). For example, ESL teachers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai make between $2,000 to $5,000 per month.

2- China 

China is another top country for teachers, especially ESL teachers, because of the high job availability. The number of teachers in China has increased to 17.93 million, with an increase of 609,400, or 3.52 %, compared to 2020 (Source: XINHUANET.com)

The average salary may not be the highest, but it is adequate for affording your standard supplies and making some savings. Another great feature of the country is that the living costs are relatively low.

So shifting to China will not cause you to break your bank when looking for housing options. As an English teacher, you can earn $1,200 to $3,500 per month. For most jobs, the minimum requirement is to have a bachelor’s degree.

The age requirement for men and women teaching in China also varies. You must be less than 60 to teach in this county if you’re a male. Meanwhile, the age requirement for females is less than 55.

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3- Japan

Japan is a culturally rich country with various locations for locals and tourists. You can enjoy teaching in this nation because of the various opportunities and supportive learning environment. Students are more cooperative in learning, and they make tutoring easy for local and foreign teachers.

On average, there are 22 full-time teachers in every elementary school in Japan. So thousands of jobs are available throughout the country for English tutors, math tutors, and other subjects. You can easily earn $1,700 to $5,000 in this country teaching ESL.

Many institutes also offer you free or cheap housing options with access to healthcare and bonuses. This means you can enjoy various teaching perks other than the high average salary.

4- South Korea

South Korea is one of the top Asian countries because of a competent government. The education environment in the nation is much better because of qualified teachers, developed institutes, and enthusiastic students.

So you can easily earn a high average salary while benefitting from reasonable living costs.

The place is suitable for you if you have a bachelor’s degree and want a job that will allow you to save more. Teaching perks in South Korea are also excellent. For instance, your flights will be paid for when emigrating to the country to teach at a reputable institute.

Other benefits include cheap housing and a good bonus. Remember, being cheap does not mean that the house will be less-developed. You can enjoy an excellent living place for an affordable price.

5- Vietnam

Vietnam is well-known for its green landscape and beautiful scenery. This is why it may be shocking to know this country is also a good place for teachers. Low working hours are the top reason behind high teaching satisfaction in Vietnam.

You can make a good amount of $1,200 to $2,200 without working an eight-hour job daily. So the nation is best for teachers with families and young kids. You can earn an adequate amount while maintaining a good work-life balance.

Most institutes also offer health insurance to their employees, so you can get the basic necessities covered within your job. A TEFL certification will also go a long way in helping you find a position in Vietnam easily.

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6- Thailand

Many countries in this list are mainly for native English speakers, but you may also be a non-native teacher.

If so, you can consider going to Thailand for tutoring because of its excellent housing system. The country offers inexpensive living costs while allowing you to maintain your lifestyle.

So you will not have to compromise on getting different things to save easily in Thailand. You can earn about $850 to $2,500 by teaching English in the country. The figure may rise if you specialize in another subject or work more hours.

Housing and health insurance are also usually covered under your teaching contract to offer more flexibility. There is also no maximum age requirement, so finding a job in Thailand as a senior tutor is easier.

7- Canada

Canada is also an excellent place for teaching because various jobs are available in the country. The salary for tutors is also relatively high to help you earn more.

Of course, you must remember that housing will not be cheap in this nation which can affect your ability to save money.

The average salary you can earn in this country is $2,520 to $8,370 per month. Specialists can also get a good bonus of $5,000 every year. This depends on your institute, teaching position, and qualifications.

You must be highly qualified in Canada to teach English or other subjects. A bachelor’s degree is a must-have, but some jobs also require you to have a master’s degree. This applies to high-paying senior jobs at well-developed institutes.

8- Luxembourg

Luxembourg will be a great option if you want to travel to a European country to teach. The country has a well-built education system with high salaries. You can earn $5,000 to $9,000 per month in this country as a teacher.

Housing, transport, and healthcare are also included in most contracts for a convenient experience. The labor conditions are also better because of various regulating organizations. It is also easy to get a working Visa in this country.

The nation is also family-friendly, with beautiful locations for exploring. So you can have a quality life in Luxembourg without worrying about financial issues. Online teaching in this country also has a higher chance of success and earning more money.

9- Spain

Spain is one of the leading countries in Europe for international schools and among the best countries for teachers to emigrate to. So many schools in Spain are looking for international teachers to teach English as a Foreign Language.

Even though you can teach English in Spain without certification, being licensed along with two to three years of experience will provide you with better opportunities.

But, if your goal is mainly to save money while teaching ESL, Spain might not be the best place for you because the cost of living and taxes are high.

If you want to experience living in a European country and explore a rich culture and delicious food, travel across Europe and meet wonderful people, I suggest you try Spain.

On average, ESL teachers in Spain earn about €2,166 ($2,644) monthly.

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What Countries Respect Teachers The Most?

China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Russia, and Indonesia are the top 5 countries that respect teachers the most, according to the National Education Association 2018 survey. In China, Malaysia, and Taiwan, the teaching profession is valued at the same level as doctors.

And countries, where teachers are least respected are Argentina, Ghana, Italy, Israel, and Brazil.

Is it too late to become a teacher? According to the United Nations Education, Science and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) survey, about 69 million new teachers are needed to offer quality universal primary and secondary education by 2030.

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Final Thoughts

These are the nine best countries for teachers to emigrate to. The list includes Asian to European locations to offer you high flexibility. You can easily make a decision by considering the qualifications, average salary, and living costs of these nations.

Finding the ideal job for yourself may seem difficult, but it will be easy if you make up your mind about the place. You should also consider whether you will move with your entire family or alone. This will affect your housing costs and may help you to save more.


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